ETH staking - BYOK (Bring Your Own Keys)

Users can provide their own ethereum validator keys and operationalize them within the Northstake ecosystem


This chapter explains how to submit an Ethereum (ETH) staking order using a pre-generated validator key. Users who have already generated an Ethereum validator key and wish to use it for staking can follow this process to create a new staking order through the Northstake API.


Before proceeding, ensure that you have:

  • A pre-generated Ethereum validator key.
  • The Northstake API client set up in your project.

Steps to Submit a Staking Order with a Validator Key

1. Import the API Client

First, import the Northstake API client and configure it with your API and private keys:

import { NorthstakeApi, Order } from '@northstake/northstakeapi';
const api = new NorthstakeApi('apiKey', 'privateKey');

2. Read the Validator Key

Read your pre-generated validator key from a JSON file:

const validatorKey = JSON.parse(readFileSync('path/to/validator/key.json', 'utf8'));  

3. Create a Staking Order with the Validator Key

Construct the staking order using the validator key:

const stakingOrder: Order = {  
  orderType: 'stake',  
  asset: 'ETH',  
  validatorKey: validatorKey,  

4. Submit the Staking Order

Submit the staking order to the Northstake API:

const { body: result } = await api.orders.createNewOrder(stakingOrder);  


More users? No problems

Staking partners may of course also submit BYOK eth staking orders on behalf of their managed users.


Validator Key Structure

The structure of the validatorKey.json should match the standard Ethereum validator key format:

  "validatorKey": {
"keystore": {  
 "crypto": {  
   "kdf": {  
     "function": "string",  
     "params": {  
       "dklen": 0,  
       "n": 0,  
       "r": 0,  
       "p": 0,  
       "salt": "string"  
     "message": "string"  
   "checksum": {  
     "function": "string",  
     "params": {},  
     "message": "string"  
   "cipher": {  
     "function": "string",  
     "params": {  
       "iv": "string"  
     "message": "string"  
 "description": "string",  
 "pubkey": "string",  
 "path": "string",  
 "uuid": "string",  
 "version": 0  
"password": "string",  
"enable": true  

Additional Resources


Using a pre-generated validator key allows users to directly stake ETH through the Northstake API. Ensure your validator key meets all required security and operational standards before submission.