Key API features

Key API Features and Endpoints

The Northstake API provides a plethora of endpoints, each designed to cater to different aspects of the platform. Here's a highlight of some of the key features you can leverage through the API:

  • Account Management: Retrieve account information and manage your Northstake workspace and users.
  • Deposit Addresses: List and manage deposit addresses associated with your account, allowing for streamlined fund management.
  • Orders: Place and manage orders, including staking, unstaking, and withdrawal operations.
  • Portfolio Management: Get an overview of your account portfolio, including assets and their allocations.
  • Transactions and Rewards Statistics: Access detailed statistics regarding your transactions and rewards, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Managed Users and Partner Integrations

For partners working closely with Northstake to provide Regulatory Compliant staking to their own customer base, the API provides extensive functionalities for managing users under your account. This feature is particularly beneficial for staking partners or entities managing multiple users or client accounts. Through the API, partners can:

  • Create Managed Users: Seamlessly add new users to the platform, managing their accounts on their behalf. These are commonly referred to in our documentation as managedUsers
  • Access Managed User Information: Retrieve detailed information and manage the portfolios of users under your management.
  • Transaction and Order Management: Place orders, manage deposits, and oversee transactions for managed users, providing a comprehensive overview of user activities.

Leveraging these endpoints can significantly enhance your ability to manage user accounts efficiently and securely.

Validator marketplace and Tokenized ETH Staking

The Northstake API also offers access to the validatorMarketplace a crucial feature for participants interested in tokenized ETH staking and swift and efficient on/offramping of Ethereum validator positions. This allows users to:

  • Post and Manage RFQ: Users can submit requests for quotes (RFQs) to the marketplace, enabling them to find the best quotes for swiftly trading their validator positions over-the-counter through Northstake
  • Bid on RFQs: Liquidity providers are able to participate in the validator marketplace by placing bids on open requests, facilitating competitive and fair pricing for staking services.
  • Order Management: Manage your RFQs, including updating, accepting bids, and tracking the status of each RFQ.


The Northstake API is a powerful tool that caters to a wide range of users, from individual account holders to large-scale partners managing multiple users. Moving on, the next section will go into further detail regarding authentication and request signing via JWT.